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You know the importance of using a car seat. You carefully strap Junior in, even for a ride around the corner. Of course, no one really expects to be in a car accident. When your child is injured, you can’t help but wonder. Were the damages worse because of a defective car seat?

It could be that you purchased the car seat at a secondhand shop. Or, maybe you bought it at a garage sale. It might be that you thought it best to buy the safety seat new at a retail store. Does the latter guarantee that it is free from defects? Let’s review some facts.

Car Seats and Recalls

Whether you bought the car seat new or used, you should know there is a central place to look for recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the recognized resource for securing safety recall information for automobiles and car-related items. Of course, this can be useful if you didn’t buy and register the child restraint system new out of the box. Parents Magazine also offers a search feature to check for car seat recalls.

What are some examples of car seats that have been recalled for potential issues? Here’s a sample of some child restraint systems that the manufacturer has indicated may be unsafe:

  • Britax ClickTight Convertible Car Seats – Harness adjuster on some ClickTight model convertible car seats may remain down. As a result, shoulder harnesses may loosen on the child’s body and cause the child to be insecure in an automobile accident.
  • Graco Car Seats – In certain models, the harness buckle may prove faulty. It might be difficult to open the car seat and remove the child. This could add to problems in the event of a motor vehicle crash.
  • Evenflo Car Seats – Issues may be similar to those experienced with Graco models. Easy removal of a child in the event of an emergency should be intuitive.

When it comes to recalls, most manufacturers will offer safety alternatives. Contacting the manufacturer in the event of a recall is imperative.

Defective Car Seats and Accident Injuries

How much impact do defective car seats have on accident injuries? You can read some research we’ve done on the subject here. Defective car seats that are proven to be unsafe can actually be deadly. Here are some examples of how poorly designed child safety systems contribute to accidents:

  • Car seat harness became undone and catapulted child from force of accident
  • Latches are difficult to open to remove child in case of emergency
  • Insufficient connectors do not keep car seat in place
  • Child safety restraint system is made of insubstantial materials

Of course, the worst thing that could happen is a child could die as a result of a defective or poorly designed car seat. At the same time, serious injuries could occur when a child restraint system fails.

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