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In response to truck safety concerns, federal and state governments have put in place Motor Carrier Safety regulations. These truck regulations require commercial trucking companies must meet basic standards for certain factors, such as vehicle maintenance, truck drive times, etc., that can seriously affect the likelihood of truck accidents. These regulations also require regular testing of drivers for substance abuse.

Unfortunately, these regulations are easily ignored. Because hundreds of truck drivers and trucking companies are in violation of these laws, the trucking industry is putting other drivers and pedestrians’ lives at risk. Thousands of fatal truck accidents occur every year throughout the United States because of this type of negligence. If you were hurt in a truck accident involving a commercial truck, there is a chance that one or more broken regulations played a role in your accident.

Common Trucking Regulations

Some of the most common examples of trucking regulations include:

  • Maintenance of the vehicle
  • Proper loading techniques such as cargo securement and weight limits
  • Required rest breaks
  • A zero tolerance drug use policy
  • Training and physical requirements for truck drivers
  • Special testing requirements for hazardous material carriers

These trucking regulations were written to protect the safety of all who use the nation’s roadways. A company that operates commercial trucks create records as evidence that it is in compliance with these regulations – records that often are used as evidence in a truck accident lawsuit.

Whether the truck driver was the cause of the truck accident or the negligence of the trucking company and other parties, documentation of compliance with trucking regulations can help the Houston truck lawyers at de Lachica Law Firm, PLLC, discover the facts of the case. Our lawyers can examine these records and look for any discrepancies or other insights as to what was the cause of the accident.

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When we are representing you in a serious injury or wrongful death claim following a truck accident, our Houston truck accident lawyers double as investigators. Working with industry experts, our Houston law firm endeavor to uncover what really happened to cause the accident. This includes closely examining truck driver logs, company records, and safety reports that may have been filed with regulatory agencies. We will search for evidence of drug or alcohol abuse by the truck driver and any inconsistencies in the record.

The sooner you schedule a free consultation regarding your case, the better your chances will be at obtaining the results you desire. For more information or to arrange your free case evaluation with a de Lachica Law Firm truck accident attorney, contact us now. We are here to help.

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