Certain types of truck and car accidents are very similar. However, underride accidents are unique to truck crashes. These incidents involve a large commercial truck as well as a car or a motorcycle on the roadway. When the other vehicle is unable to slow down to avoid either a stalled or slowly moving truck in its path, it could very well become pinned underneath the truck’s trailer. This is what’s known as an underride accident.

Unlike a normal rear-end collision accident between two motor vehicles of similar size, trucks are so much larger than their roadside counterparts that colliding into the rear of an 18-wheeler or a semi doesn’t result in the same type of incident. That is why an underride accident is much more likely to occur.

If you get into an underride accident in the Houston, Texas, area, you’re going to need an experienced underride accident lawyer to help you with your case. De Lachica Law Firm, PLLC, has been handling these types of cases for years now. Learn more about how we can get the compensation that you deserve.

The Types of Underride Truck Accidents

Besides a rear-end collision, another type of underride accident that can occur is when a truck makes a lane change without seeing a car in the neighboring lane. As a result, the car could end up underneath the trailer of the truck if the driver proceeds to change lanes. Although this is a rare occurrence, it can happen.

Underride accident can also occur if a tractor-trailer jackknifes and begins to slide, swopping across the lanes of a highway while passes over other vehicles on the road. A common reaction among any driver in this situation is to slam on the brakes; unfortunately, this is perhaps the most detrimental move that could be made as the car driver can be instantly killed on impact.

Can’t Laws Protect Other Drivers From Underride Accidents?

A tremendous amount of energy has been invested in bettering the safety regulations and maintenance laws of truck companies and its drivers. Unfortunately, unsafe driving and negligent practices remain a major problem.

At de Lachica Law Firm, our underride accident lawyer has handled some of the largest truck accident cases within the Houston area. The reckless and negligence behavior of the trucking industry can be brought to light and used in the representation of your accident claim. We know what it takes to successfully recover damages for truck accident victims, and we are prepared to do whatever necessary measures to protect and uphold your rights after an underride trucking accident.

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