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You know there’s a risk when you hop on the back of your friend’s motorcycle. However, you feel secure with his ability to control his bike.  Too bad that’s not enough. After all, there’s no accounting for other drivers on the road. Obviously, injuries from a motorcycle accident can be serious and permanent.

There’s no doubt to the appeal of riding of a motorcycle. There’s something quite liberating about riding in the open air.  For some bikers, it’s a daily means of transportation.  For others, it’s the start of good times.  Despite some misconceptions, most motorcycle operators take extreme caution in riding their bikes. They are well aware of the potential for harm. And, yet, as the saying goes, accidents happen.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation accumulates data concerning the frequency of motorcycle accidents. Here are some statistics from their 2015 records:

  • Motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 459 victims
  • Drivers represented 436 of the 459 motorcycle crash fatalities
  • Nearly 1,900 people suffered incapacitating injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident
  • Less than 10% of catastrophic injuries motorcycle crash victims were passengers
  • An additional 3,304 individuals were injured in motorcycle accidents

You most likely know that Texas law allows for some exemptions when it comes to requirements regarding helmets. Notably, more than half of those killed or injured in motorcycle crashes were not wearing safety headgear.  Notwithstanding, there is no indication that helmets would have helped the accident victims.  They could have broken legs, fractured arms, or suffered internal injuries.  Obviously, not all motorcycle crashes result in head injuries.

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eighty percent of motorcycle accidents were caused by another vehicle operator’s actions.  Of course, that doesn’t negate that some bikers take unnecessary risks.  Speed and dipping in and out of traffic can cause crashes.  And, unfortunately, some ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  However, an overwhelming number of motorcycle accidents are due to the following:

  • Car or truck following too closely
  • Motor vehicle operator didn’t see biker
  • Left turn accidents
  • Defects in the road
  • Intersection accidents
  • Distracted driving
  • Mechanical defects

This list is not all encompassing. Obviously, there are many reasons that one can be involved in a motorcycle crash.  The thrill of the ride could become life-changing.

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