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You most likely know that distracted driving is a big issue.  And, that it stands to reason that distracted driving can lead to truck accidents.  Unfortunately, a crash with a big rig is no small matter.  Studies actually confirm there may be problems with truck drivers who are on the phone while operating their vehicles.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a report on distracted driving and how it impacts the performance of commercial vehicle operators.  They were able to review information collected from a company that uses technology to scrutinize drivers.  This included a review of voice recordings and an assessment of time drivers glanced away from the road.  Face cameras are also part of the onboard monitoring devices and were used to analyze driver behavior.

Safety Risks Associated with Distracted Driving

You might be interested in reading the specifics of the FMSCA’s final report.  It actually focused on how distracted driving impacts how a vehicle operator looks at the road.  They used the term “cognitive distraction” to define anything that diverted attention from the roadway. Here’s some interesting information from their analysis in this study and others conducted in the past:

  • Safety risks increased six times when a truck driver dialed a mobile phone while operating his or her vehicle
  • Reaching for a mobile phone increased safety risks by almost four times
  • Talking or listening to someone on an electronic device did not increase safety risks
  • Handsfree devices decreased safety risks as opposed to drivers using handheld radios or mobile devices
  • Texting increased the risks associated with potential truck accidents
  • Interacting with a dispatching device may also pose a safety risk
  • Safety risks increase when a truck driver is involved in an emotional conversation, although it was determined that must commercial vehicle operators refrain from these types of calls when driving big rigs

The government report also captured some other interesting data.  If a truck driver is using a mobile device, there’s more chance of the accident happening from a lateral standpoint.  That’s because distracted truck drivers are more focused on traffic ahead, rather than on what’s occurring in their peripheral vision.  This would mean that it’s more common for a distracted driver to sideswipe other vehicles.  Or, that a truck could unexpectedly come into your traffic lane.

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