As you may have guessed, speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents across the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately one third of all fatal vehicle accidents every year are caused by speeding. In 2015, traffic fatalities in speeding-related crashes increased by 3 percent in 2015, from 9,283 to 9,557. It’s a danger and it’s something we all do.

But why do we speed? We all have our reasons, from being late to just having a heavy foot. But you need to know why speeding poses a danger to other drivers on the road? For example, aggressive driving can:

  • Increases your stopping distance
  • Increases how far your vehicle travels when reacting to a dangerous situation in front of you, such as a deer on the highway, a car that has stopped short, or a child running into the street without warning
  • Reduces the precision with which you can maneuver around curves

Speeding has also been associated with other risky driving behaviors. Data has shown that drivers who regularly speed are also less likely to wear a seat belt, increasing the chances of getting seriously injured in the event of a car accident. There has also been a correlation between speeding and the likelihood of driving under the influence, which compounds the dangers to others on the road. Not to mention road rage — a driver exhibiting road rage may actually chase another vehicle, cut the vehicle off, or even intentionally crash into another vehicle.

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